Burning Red Sun
Burning Red Sun
Burning Red Sun

Now ...It's All Over!

album: From Dawn to Dust
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 39

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The song is about a man trying to get his life back together after the great recession and losing his factory job to overseas companies and reminiscing about...
Now ...It's All Over!
Farrell Jackson
11/09/18 07:21:08PM @farrell-jackson:
A real good song, vocals and mix...sounds like a hit to my ears.
10/25/18 08:40:12PM @tlt50:
Superb songwriting.... Great harmonies, with outstanding vocals. A true rockin' tune. The instrumental tracks were tight and very well performed. Well done..... **** Some sweet production as well. 😎🎼🎙️🎶👈🤟🤗

Larry T.

carol sue
10/24/18 08:06:25PM @carol-sue:
Sounding just as talented as ever!
So very nice to hear your music again.

Enjoyed your song!


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