Carl Schonbeck
Carl Schonbeck

Back On That Train Again

album: Coming Single
genre: Folk-Rock
streams: 11

  Song Lyrics
Back On That Train Again   I just can’t seem to understand It borders on absurd I look in your window and I see no one Hear no sound that can be heard Yes...
  Song Information
Song I wrote recently under lockdown with a kind of stream of conscience approach to the lyrics and a mid-sixties Folk-Rock feel influenced a lot by Bob...
Back On That Train Again
carol sue
04/14/20 12:01:38PM @carol-sue:
Very uplifting song and such a nice performance! :)
I remember the Taxi music service from years back.
Small world, isn't it! Keep making your wonderful music!

tony cee
04/12/20 04:29:15AM @tony-cee:
nice song carl , can hear bob dylan in your voice in parts . great mix ,love it ...cheers tony cee
Carl Schonbeck
04/11/20 01:07:13PM @carl-schonbeck:
Thanks a bunch Farrell, it was actually for a thing on Taxi where they were looking for that sixties sound so I went for it actually came out better than I expected. Hope you and yours are well! Cheers, Carl
Farrell Jackson
04/11/20 12:35:27PM @farrell-jackson:
You hit the mark Carl....this is very sixties Folk Rock sounding. I can hear all the influences you mention in the song info. I like it!


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