Carmella Inchierchiera
Carmella Inchierchiera

Category: Music
Duration: 00:05:19
Our Song + Video "Where is Our sea, Blue Shining Sea"
We dedicate this song to the 11 men who lost their lives and all those affected by this great tragedy, including the Fish, Wildlife and all those that help them. We also dedicate it to all those who lost their lives and suffered when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana on Aug 29th, 2005
All that Oil Just Didn't Disappear....It's Still Out There....

Warning: Some Images May Be Disturbing..
Performed/Produced by Nelson Blanchard
Scott Innes (Voice of Scooby Doo) + CMA Winner was Gracious enough to Perform the Intro to the Song ..Thank you Scott..
Written by Carmella Inchierchiera + Nelson Blanchard

Songwriters: Carmella Inchierchiera and Nelson Blanchard


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