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Cherie Rain - The Haunted House Official Video

Category: Music
Duration: 00:03:00
Cherie Rain Debut Single "The Haunted House"
Video by Nicole Papastavrou
All rights reserved by Cherie Rain
IG @cherierain

So you want to visit a haunted house?
Well look no further peel my flesh away.
See inside me what's beneath is terrifying
Memories, they leave their stains.

Let me forget. Unpleasantries and tragedies.
Please, let me forget, unpleasantries and tragedies.
Let me forget.

Dark thoughts like sharks are circling
My bleeding wounds and they'll be feeding soon.
The depth of my regrets is like the ocean
Pulling me in, deeper than I've ever been before...
Cherie Rain
06/30/17 12:53:42AM @cherie-rain:
New Music Coming Soon!!!


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