Corrado Rossi
Corrado Rossi

Souvenir of China

album: Corrado Rossi
genre: Ambient
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This song is a short, imaginary journey into the colors and perfumes of the Orient. I was starting to record in a new music studio, finding the best position...
Souvenir of China
03/31/09 03:47:27PM @slowmarchingband:
Not bad for a 'something'! Very, very impessive! A beautiful tone and recoring on the piano. Superb and skilful playing my friend! To say you are talented, would be an understatement.. Incredible performance on this hidden gem. Larry
10/21/08 11:06:29AM @mark-reed:
Pure quality, can't say it any better, superb composition, and a magical performance.
Rob Grant
11/12/07 06:50:44PM @rayon-vert:
Corrado.......This is absolutely stunning. Your piano playing is very very nice. I could listen to this for hours......I LOVE a sweet piano sound....


11/03/07 09:50:31PM @michael-nunley:
Ok, this is not my fav....but I STILL wish I could do as well !
Man, I hope you don't sing too, - not sure my ego can take it

Great music !

11/03/07 08:15:57PM @dazed:
I am speechless at the quality of songs you have. Absolutely beautiful!!


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