Corrado Rossi
Corrado Rossi


album: Corrado Rossi
genre: Ambient
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Originally used as a test for my blue spark microphone and bongos, turned into a full composition. Going to a part of an upcoming album which will be about...
05/24/12 08:24:50PM @digital-j:
Hi, i heard this track while i was listening to mix radio, and i instantly fell in love with this. It is a wonderful master piece of creativity. I really loved it, i will listen to more of your music when i get some time. Good Job, great sound....


09/28/08 04:38:24PM @blue-sahara:
Aaah, un canto bellissimo!
Corrado, this is one beauty of a song, what a great production, a great sound, wonderful how you've implemented the female vocals in here. The sound of the lead synth is fantastic ... this might very well be a soundtrack to a thriller, or a mystery movie ...
Wonderful, simply wonderful!

08/22/08 04:01:54PM @ab1:
well corrado i've also just listened to hidden island again.. and i've reviewed this one as well before.. and what i'd like to say is.. I can't give you a higher compliment than that I love to hear your pieces over and over again.. you make truly awesome music my friend.. i hope you don't mind me giving you several reviews.. they all sound each time so beautiful and new.. i'll never be through.. it is pure pleasure.. gracie.. :-)
10/21/08 11:10:50AM @mark-reed:
We can get lost in your world of music, this is a cracking piece. really enjoyed this one too.

all the best

02/27/08 01:48:20AM @ab2:
Ohhh, very smooth..An easy piece to drift away to. Brilliant in it`s simplicity. I love that piano, now that is gorgeous. Fantastic beat. Unexpected ending.. ..Thanks for posting.
Peace n Love Mags xx :-)

12/03/07 01:26:19PM @ab1:
yes i must agree.. very flowing and free.. sensual breeze.. sea and trees.. a cool beat? oh yes please.. this could be sung I see.. the piano arps in the middle section are hornsby beautiful my friend.. new age.. golden.. ripened.. perfectly aged.. I could have... nevermind.. it's just beautiful the way it is.. :-)
11/26/07 09:07:44PM @tlt50:
A true and talented Pianist at work. Exceptional !! An Ambient playground of inspiring sounds and textures. Excellent !!
11/03/07 09:59:54PM @michael-nunley:
Another cool piece. I'm realy enjoying working my way thru your songs.


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