Corrado Rossi
Corrado Rossi

Message from Earth

album: Corrado Rossi
genre: Instrumental
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On February 1, 2003 during reentry into Earth’s atmosphere on its 28th mission, the Space Shuttle Columbia was lost. Maybe that day the crew tried to...
Message from Earth
10/24/10 04:19:54AM @obiwandk:
i loved this the music really helped Imagen then last minutes of the crew
and once a again a track from your hands
a pure 5 from me

10/06/10 12:28:01PM @mark-reed:
This is so very good, lovely theme running throughout. The title evokes a series of images, where the music reinforces the visualization. This is a work of art
Farrell Jackson
12/27/07 01:39:39PM @farrell-jackson:
Very nice! So relaxing and peaceful. I hope the message from earth is heard.
Well done.


11/09/07 05:20:10PM @ab1:
sounds like i'm in for another special few moments corrado.. what an intro..
like great film music... oh that guitar is sweet.. virtual but lovely.. it is so nice
to hear your sensual music again..very meloncholy.. sad for humanities' mistakes..
how we are destroying nature.. that's how it makes me feel.. it's so real.. so very SPECIAL.. :-)


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