Corrado Rossi
Corrado Rossi


album: Corrado Rossi
genre: Ambient
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The uppermost layer of our atmosphere, so ethereal, everyday looks to the Universe and, at the same time, give us the first protection from the same...
10/06/10 12:35:20PM @mark-reed:
This is even better to me than the previous piece. I'm just sitting here floating along with the mood. Just loved it from the opening. Tremendous piece well done
07/06/08 06:54:53AM @saitkoray:
i love the ambient music and this one is a great one...excellent work my friend..also great piano melodies...superb production...
sly puppy
01/16/08 03:31:08PM @emocion:
This one simply shines.

But then I have lived with it now for some months.


12/21/07 03:19:30PM @chrickon:
Love this one when the beat kicks in over the dreamlike/ambient soundscape, and when the piano comes it really spiced it up to a very great piece of music.
Great work.

11/07/07 05:46:48AM @testing100:
Smooth pads of interstellar magnitude dwarf the sounscape listener as they step into your canvas.

Then a breeze comes in from the hot south.... We are in motion

The sails glide thru the air with full cheeks and no resistance.

Up till we hit the choppy waters.

A solo is fine, really. But in this flashy format, it loses i's ambient touch.

Ambient is defined as encircling, surrounding atmospheric elements. Not par cams and solo's JMO.

I hope the message comes across that I mean well, my goodwill is there, but this is more like ambi-pop or even jingle music, but Ambient is a long ways away in another place. Drop the solo run, bars and standard structure. Think outside of the box, and return to the core of ambiance and you have a winner. 5 outta 10 bro .

Greetz from the flight deck,


11/03/07 09:29:59PM @michael-nunley:
Yup, I like this one alot.
Energetic but never over-done. Great work.

11/03/07 08:19:33PM @dazed:
man they just keep getting better. You have some exceptional talent.


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