Corrado Rossi
Corrado Rossi

Never Alone

album: Corrado Rossi
genre: Soundtrack
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  Song Lyrics
"Never Alone" (1) The crystal dew on a foggy morn Is beholdin' to the winds of time A river blue in the springtime shed Begins it's journey to it's place of...
  Song Information
The beginning naration is a real phone message left on my machine. The caller never left his number. This song has an attachment called Cherub In The Garden...
Never Alone
10/24/10 04:11:38AM @obiwandk:
what a wonder full number i really enjoyed it
and the work on the piano good i would guess you where classic trained

10/06/10 12:40:46PM @mark-reed:
Gorgeous, fantastic piece of music, which sets an easy relaxed tone. I loved the final build at the end. Marvellous work thanks
Farrell Jackson
02/09/08 04:51:30PM @farrell-jackson:
Corrado, after reading the title I had to listen as I have a song also titled "Never Alone" but nothing like this. This is a beautiful and moving song! The piano is superb as is all the instrumentation. I enjoyed this one very much.


sly puppy
01/16/08 03:33:27PM @emocion:
Another crystal track.

This really needs some singing to make it really inspirational.

Musically there is not a thing out of place as far as my ears can tell.

Beautifull till the end.


12/21/07 02:59:45PM @chrickon:
Corrado ! Agree totaly with Syntopia ! Soo beautiful and emotional, really touched me.
Thanks for posting and a Happy Christmas

11/23/07 04:54:27PM @syntopia-music:
Beautiful song, so emotional.I love the piano and the great orchestral sound. Against a masterpiece of music.
11/03/07 09:43:50PM @michael-nunley:
Serious talent and serious work . Well done sir!
11/03/07 08:00:59PM @dazed:
Man this is a beautiful piece. What is the history behind this? Man can I hear some sweet vocals on this song. Love the strings and the great build up.



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