Corrado Rossi
Corrado Rossi

Low tide

album: Corrado Rossi
genre: Instrumental
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A musical collaboration with The Wimshursts Machine. Featuring my friends Augusto Chiarle and Roberto Canone at the saxophones. Thanks guys for your...
Low tide
12/25/17 09:33:22AM @msp:
Your song covers are simply amazing.
They coincide with the flow of muzik. I can look at the cover and enjoy the muzik and be teleported to
some exotic shore and actually feel the breeze....smell the salt in the air...
Invigorating to say the least.

10/11/10 12:06:32PM @mark-reed:
Yet another amazing piece, low tide is an understatement. Nothing low about this at all. Pure class from top to bottom. Loved it
12/08/07 12:12:49PM @michael-nunley:
Hey, if Alexis likes the sax... well then, you don't need ME to tell ya !
Very cool jazz trip. Soothing.

11/25/07 09:27:09AM @syngularity:
Initial atmo reminds me just a little bit of Enigma... you're a master arranger with a wonderful musician's heart. Never a "sequencer feeling" in your tracks. I love the beautiful acoustic atmosphere of this chill out master work. Music & grooves are like a view of diamond Earth. All the best & always best of luck! Pascal
11/16/07 07:02:55AM @dazed:
wow! this is fantastic. beautifully done. The sax is stellar against the guitar and the keys.

damn this is fantastic. great tune to listen to in the morning!

Rob Grant
11/12/07 06:45:16PM @rayon-vert:
Excellent ambient jazz piece. The interplay with sax and guitar, in the beginning was very cool. LOVED your orchestral background. A DEF. DL.......this will be so nice to listen to while driving. GREAT SONG!!


11/12/07 03:29:06PM @syntopia-music:
Wonderful chill and relax music, with a warm feeling. I like it very, fantastic sounding shows me a perfect production. Absolute great work. - Sven -


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