Corrado Rossi
Corrado Rossi

En Vuelo (feat. Jaime Helios)

album: Corrado Rossi
genre: Instrumental Rock
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My new Instrumental song, featuring my friend Jaime Helios from Spain at the guitars. I met him in Los Angeles during the HMMA 2011 event and... this is our...
En Vuelo (feat. Jaime Helios)
12/25/17 09:29:53AM @msp:
Cover reminds me of a book I read as a child. Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Very creative book I might add. Then I come here and hear this and see the is christmas here where I am and this is an unexpected gift.
Thank you for sharing this wonderfully uplifting Gift!

Mista Perez
02/15/12 09:28:42AM @mista-perez:
This is very well done. It's good to hear melody in music again. The chords were simply beautiful everything blended like it should. Great piece of music.
02/20/12 08:25:24AM @mel:
Simply beautiful. Gentle and loving sounds from the piano as always and think you and Jaime are a perfect match. Wow, very very emotional! Love it. x
Farrell Jackson
02/17/12 12:56:11PM @farrell-jackson:
It's been a while since I've been mesmerized by your piano playing and writing Corrado.....but once again I am indeed mesmerized by your talent. The guitar is a nice addition to your song also...he did more words....I'm now just sitting back and taking it all in.....


02/17/12 03:25:45PM @dolce:
I mimic those who came before me. A very beautiful piece indeed.


02/14/12 01:57:00PM @chrickon:
Beautiful composition, arrangement and production. Filled with beautiful melodies and tasty playing by both of you.
Excellent work!
Enyojed very much!
Thank's for sharing such great music.


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