Cristina Ribeiro
Cristina Ribeiro

Meu Deus, Vem Ver

album: Cristina Ribeiro
genre: Samba
streams: 824

  Song Lyrics
Meu Deus, vem ver, benzer, orar. Criança é jogada no rio, na rua, no frio, no lixo pra rato se alimentar. Meu Deus, vem ver, benzer, orar. Correndo, salva a...
Meu Deus, Vem Ver
12/01/11 09:33:38PM @planetjazzbass:
Fantastic track!...such a cool,smooth expressive just glows with inner warmth....ahh Samba,you have to be born into it to play with such ease and freedom....Viva all Brazilians! and the Samba!.....superb! :) (a new fan)
07/17/11 02:19:59AM @papi:
Though I'm not from Brazil I feel the samba when ever I hear it. It always fills me with joy and positive energi. The words in the lyrics are a contrast, but good on you for using your talent to make a statement like that.
A heart of gold to go with that golden voice.


Doctor C
07/15/11 08:46:54PM @doctor-c:
This is fantastic, both the music and your vocals. Love Brazilian music! The production is superb, by the way.
01/18/11 06:47:56AM @josephrodz:
Love this track and voice.
great production and rythm.

06/15/10 05:25:42PM @digger-stone:
your samba is fantastic!

you have a beautiful airy voice that is just heaven!

great track!


01/18/10 09:51:14PM @genghisken:
Superb! Excellent vocals, great Rhythm and instrumentation. Excellent production here, I'm glad I got to hear this on the Ride with Big Pete tonight!
01/09/10 04:17:13PM @microjazz:
Great samba, I'm an instant fan of your style - regards Jamie.
Incarnate Word
03/15/10 02:02:12AM @incarnate-word:
I love the production on this. its very full and spacious sounding. your vocals are incredible and very sexy. excellent work. I wish There was an English version out but hey this is just as killer.
01/10/10 07:25:10AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Undeservedly samba does very badly on this site but like JFW I love it, the rhythm, vocal phrasing, language and chord sequences make me feel warm inside as this track does. Great stuff. ftlpope


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