Dan Lawson
Dan Lawson

I'm Funky But I'm Clean

album: Soldier's Of Fortune
genre: Rock
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I'm Funky But I'm Clean
Lyrical Princess
01/21/15 02:06:54AM @lyrical-princess:
I like it when a song can get me movin'. This is full of energy. It had me tapping my toes & dancing in my seat. I wish you had the lyrics posted.. I'd like to sing along :) Nice!

All The Best,

12/28/14 09:37:25PM @dan-lawson:
Thanks Larry this song is a real crowd pleaser, everyone loves singing with me at my shows!!
12/28/14 08:40:37PM @tlt50:
Dan....Yes you be Funky. The music is tight and clean. killar' guitar work. The brass.. is AWESOME... Great , listening to some kick-ass funk.... Bravo *****
All the best,
Larry T


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