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Roxy Oriental Dancer - Start to Finish - Time Lapse

Category: Howto & Style
Duration: 00:09:01
Start to Finish
(Oil paint on 24in x 30in canvas)
(110+ hours in 7 min, 30 sec)

(With background music containing my flute work)

This painting is based on a photograph by Guy Masson where he captured a true moment of ‘Joy in Dance’…


Allow me to introduce “Roxy, the Oriental Dancer” in the Smooth As Silk Show in the Erickson Theatre Off Broadway, (produced by Roxy & Oriental Bliss Productions).

According to Roxy, “It was an improvised dance so totally spontaneous. The dance style is called Oriental Dance / Raqs Sharqi /Dance of the East.”

See Roxy at:

[Painting was done using Gamlin Oil Paints and Liquin Original on a 24"x30" Masterpiece Canvas]
Farrell Jackson
09/25/20 12:19:11PM @farrell-jackson:
This is quite extraordinary....the painting process, the music and the finished painting on canvas!


09/25/20 09:40:32AM @daniel-j-moore:
Roxy and I used to work together as web developers contracting for Microsoft. We worked on the Microsoft Y2K site in 1999.... (for those old enough to remember what that was about). The photo used for the painting was taken in 2017... a testimony to the health benefits of dance. - Painting is oil on 24"x30" canvas -- ["Emma" and "Ashley Song" can be found in my audio section, hoping to collaborate on new stuff here soon]


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