David Lee
David Lee

Madonna, I'm Going To Send You A Picture

genre: Metal
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Madonna, I'm Going To Send You A Picture
Madonna, I'm Going To Send You A Picture
04/05/10 05:39:13PM @siphaeon:
Very good riffage with great guitar sound. Kick drum is bit quiet as well as bass goes mostly quite unnoticed but otherwise decent mixing. Really could use some vocals as well as the enhanced kick/bass punch but all in all very good effort! Very nice!
10/29/09 07:37:46AM @gary-hart:
Gotta like those heavy guitars tone here David...WOW...It's very well done but will agree with Dazed...I would love to hear vocals on this track! Great job on the music for sure! -Gary-
10/29/09 06:53:25AM @dazed:
Great intro and nice crunch on the guitars. Was hoping for some vocals! Liked the tune!
10/29/09 09:01:18AM @mark-reed:
Great track, liked the intro sequence. all the instruments are well played. This just lacks a vocal to make the piece have more impact. That aside nice work


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