Digger Stone
Digger Stone

Movin On

album: Collabs
genre: Crossover
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This was a great piece of music i ran across over at the Honey Island Swamp/Les Beasly page and i just left a message letting him know i would love to lay...
Movin On
carol sue
04/29/20 08:20:28AM @carol-sue:
I know I had left comments here.. from an older page I had.
Just to re-cap.. I LOVE THIS SONG!!
Bravo! *****

Now that you are back... Stay and play a while!
Great to see and hear you again my friend!
You have been missed, for sure.

So... rock on brother! :)

04/25/13 10:38:37PM @kalola-kiss:
This is the digger I know and love. God but this is some of your best work! I've got some more in my files to share with the audience too. I am so gleeful you are back and may I say I missed you while you were away. Welcome home brother!
Dylan Thermos
04/26/13 10:09:45AM @dylan-thermos:
You gotta love the sound of this track. A really excellent musical composition.
Top notch stuff.......dylan


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