Digger Stone
Digger Stone

Don't you try to stop me

album: Collabs
genre: Hard Rock
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Best god damn song i've done to date...   Finn is an amazing Artist, I don't think he knows how well he writes songs that fit me so perfectly...
Don't you try to stop me
Farrell Jackson
12/19/14 11:32:29AM @farrell-jackson:
Rock it brothers! Finn and Digger collabing...it doesn't get better than this!
07/20/13 12:47:00AM @mach:
Now this is honest to good 80's vibe rocking! Helluva tune, it takes me back to my younger years of long hair head boppin' good times.


02/21/13 02:44:56PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Amazing sound. This vocal really matches the music, making much more than a sum of the parts. Stunning. ftlpope
12/03/12 03:04:51AM @michael-hennessey:
Hell yeah dude ... Sweet Guitar riffs and killer vocals ... Nicely done!
11/25/12 01:07:37PM @josephrodz:
Sorry Im late to review this GREAT song,Fin & you fits very well in this tune. waiting to hear more of you 2.

01/12/13 05:13:13AM @the-erik-jurado-experience:
Nice to hear you're back up on here - you are an ass-whooper man! Excellent guitar on this piece and most definitely excellent vocals!
Lyrical Princess
06/16/13 07:20:17PM @lyrical-princess:
Digger .. Good seeing you here again.. I always hear your tunes in the chat radio shows.. You have the Perfect vocals for this track.. (and every other that you sing on).. Very well performed.. Looking forward to hearing more soon.. Keep On Rockin' My Friend!!

All The Best,

11/17/12 04:42:16AM @gary-hart:
Slammin bro! One of the best rock voices ever dude!
You blow me off my ass every time you hit a song!

Killer my Friend!


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