Digger Stone
Digger Stone

Free Man

album: Songs From The First Floor
genre: Folk-Rock
streams: 340

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This is the first song I ever wrote,played,recorded and masterd all by myself.. It's been a fan favorite around the Mix for quite a few years. It's only...
Free Man
carol sue
04/22/20 06:22:30AM @carol-sue:
Just wanted to hear this song again!
Reminds me of some good ole' days here.
Priceless. Bravo!!

carol sue
01/18/19 07:27:45PM @carol-sue:
"Mixposure classic"
Digger.. Digger.. Digger.. I've always loved this song!!
Come back, come back, wherever you are! ;)

05/19/16 10:43:46PM @moquinn:
I am loving your music ~ no, I am not a musician ~ but, I love music many genres ~ & I know I love & enjoy your tunes ~ this one hits close to home ~ knowing people who have traveled such a road & thankfully saw the light & found their way home... would be great to hear more of your songs
Lyrical Princess
07/20/13 01:15:19AM @lyrical-princess:
I think this was the first song I ever heard of yours Digger..And one of the first songs I heard when I joined mixposure.
I believe it is still a fan favorite here at Mix.. I know it's still one of mine.. And it still gets played in the chat..
I know I can listen anytime I want, because I have my own personal copy... But , thought I'd stop by & see if I'd ever left a comment.. Proof that I was here..ya know? LoL ~ I really like your sound.. The lyrics are kind of sad .. I just listened 3 times..Watching the story unfold.. Great song!!

All The Best,

Dylan Thermos
04/26/13 10:05:24AM @dylan-thermos:
Great song, love the chorus vocal and the mellow lead guitar.
An excellent track........dylan

04/27/13 12:19:28PM @john-frederick:
This is a great song I love hearing it. It has a great sound and vibe to it.


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