Digger Stone
Digger Stone

Jail House Blues

album: Collabs
genre: Blues
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For too meney years.. i just, i look out at the men, through these old jail bars... and i wounder.If that young fella, young fella I used to be, could have...
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This is a track that Les Beasly sent me, and i wrote, the melody,words, and sang for it.. I feel very lucky to have gotten the vocal for such a great piece...
Jail House Blues
12/08/13 04:30:33AM @kitmann:
I listed to this song on Daddy Rabbits aka Gene Smith's show and was just in awe of your craftsmaship here in this song. I do love the blues, I have a few blues songs, Cajun Queen, Soul Taker Blues re-mix, Sister Sadie Blues, Come with Me. I fell in love with this song. Thank you for such awesome music my friend.
Kit Mann

07/20/13 12:41:13AM @mach:
Yeah! I dig that Delta yet a modern blues sound. Great vox and cool guitar riff...interesting ending. Good Job!


Dylan Thermos
06/13/13 09:44:01AM @dylan-thermos:
This is a very atmospheric track. The guitar and vocal seem to gel very well together.
I enjoyed this track well written and performed.
Not sure about the ending though........

06/13/13 08:11:04PM @gene-smith:
This my friend is a helluva' mighty fine track right here. I can hear the story in it man! Fantastic stuff and welcome back Digger!
06/14/13 12:23:02AM @tlt50:
Digger.....bro "Fantastic tune..." Vocals and lyrics...heartfelt and outstanding. You nailed this buddy...:) ! Les....with the amazing music and you, my friend with the vocals, Great collab gents...*****

all the best,


06/14/13 06:16:06PM @the-truevulgarians:
Nobody loves you when you're in jail, but if they give a listen to this song, they'll at least love hearing a song about someone in jail. I've always been a sucker for prison inspired songs and this is a particularly good one. Digger's a major talent here on Mixposure, so give all his tunes a listen!
Farrell Jackson
06/17/13 11:36:47AM @farrell-jackson:
Well done Digger and Les! It's good to hear you again belting out a tune Digger.....nice one!



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