Star Drops

album: Like (be) in Trance
genre: Trance
streams: 86

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This track was started about 2,5 years ago... and now its finished (i think)... Anyway, I'm satisfied with it. Mix of Dance and trance with typical Waper's...
Star Drops
11/05/13 07:31:20PM @genghisken:
Love this, very clean, great panning!
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03/15/11 01:00:00PM @:
I think this sounds amazing, Waper. Nothing like a great track to lift you up and get you moving. It doesn't have any gaps where you feel like you want it to end. I love this one a lot. Thank you for the download and look forward to hearing this played on the shows here. What a great track. Fantastic production and arrangement here. You did a great job putting everything together. Tip my hat...well done!
03/19/11 02:58:21PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Awesome, bro!!! It will be on mys show tonight!!! Some really nice work here!


03/15/11 11:56:35PM @jusananomaly:
This works on so many levels it bouncy and lighthearted and fun and I love the symphony sound. downloaded for my show tomorrow at 11pm here on mixstream radio. thanks aj
03/19/11 07:34:22PM @n0mad23:
Already reviewed this elsewhere, but it's good enough to review more than once!

I think this is the perfect title for this piece - especially considering the traditions you're drawing from.

Absolutely outstanding my friend. I have a feeling you're in a breakthrough mode, and I'm really looking forward to what comes from you next.



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