Easton Brothers
Easton Brothers

Medicine Man

album: Wait For The Medicine Man
genre: Classic Rock
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  Song Lyrics
1 - Been down so many times, pick myself up, dust off my coat Sung one too many lines, played 'til my fingers bled looking for the perfect note 2 - Now...
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Title song from our 1994 CD Wait For The Medicine Man
Medicine Man
09/17/20 12:00:52PM @jimsae:
This is still one of the best songs I've ever heard in my life. I count myself lucky I've heard it.
carol sue
09/06/20 09:31:45PM @carol-sue:
If ever I could create the "Mixposure Classic" section here at Mixposure.
With no dout, this song would be there. A+ MIXPOSURE CLASSIC!!!!!
»»--(¯`v´¯)=>> Just want to listen again, and again.. and again.

carol sue
08/24/20 03:31:01AM @carol-sue:
»»--(¯`v´¯)=>> I'll never stop loving your music.
Rest in peace, and rock 'n roll, Mark Easton.

carol sue
01/18/19 07:10:58PM @carol-sue:
Another return visit.
Just felt like hearing a song that I know.. and love!
Hope to hear more music from you all.

~Bravo big-time~ ;)

carol sue
09/03/18 09:11:23PM @carol-sue:
»»--(¯`v´¯)=>> "Mixposure Classic!"
Just out being silly.. lol. Thought I'd tag this as a classic, even though I'm not an official classic tagger, lol!! :)

Still love this song so much.. written and performed to perfection!!
Thanks again for the awesome listen guys and hope you're still out rockin' the world big time!
This song always has put a smile on my face.. love, love, love it!! ~BRAVO~ *****

carol sue
02/20/18 09:53:23AM @carol-sue:
Just wanted to take this out for another listen..
So many years I had heard~ still love this tune!!
Hope you all are well + still making great music.

BRAVO (again) :)

04/25/09 10:34:42AM @josephrodz:
Sorry im late,but you guys ROCK!!!!!
03/25/09 10:50:03PM @justin-jones-band:
Great stuff guys! This song has an unbelievable heart to it and shows true music emotion. Well done! Sincerely...Justin
03/22/09 06:06:47PM @scanvoice:
Got hooked to this song from first time hearing it.
Love the guitar works in it and great vocal performance.
Exelent tune.
Grtzz ScanVoice

05/08/08 07:40:35AM @terry-ponder:
you sure sound like you enjoined every note played, great song. awesome lyrics. a great listen


05/07/08 02:54:41PM @mark-cloutier:
hi fellas you sound great as always--rock n roll as it should be done!! cheers from new york!
05/07/08 01:16:02PM @tcp:
Welcome guys....obviously seasoned in writing and performing, this is a very solid song. Nice and tight and soulful. Drums and guitars stand out as does the spot on vocals. Excellent!! Glad to have you on board iMS!! ~Blake
05/07/08 10:25:53AM @david-c-deal:
This is the first song of your collection I have heard. Your guitar work is so well recorded and very skillful. Deep lyrics with a twinge of playfulness. Excellent work.
Dave Deal

05/09/08 03:37:04AM @mike-lynn:
Well crafted guitar works behind this solid track. The mix is simply excellent.
05/09/08 01:29:09AM @self-tort:
An absolute ripper of a tune. Classy writing, wonderful ensemble performance and hook to die for. Production is top notch. Beautiful sounding acoustics in the opening sections. Even with just the guits, vocals and tambourine it's moving along nicely. Bring in the bass and drums and it gets a huge kick along. Love the vocal performance. One of the best things I've heard in a long while. Get this out there. It's got hit written all over it.




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