Easton Brothers
Easton Brothers

Take Me Home

album: Last Gasp
genre: Rock
streams: 173

Take Me Home
Farrell Jackson
12/09/14 02:12:41PM @farrell-jackson:
An excellent classic rock sound...love the drums...hell I love it all...good music live on!
bill b
01/24/13 10:19:42AM @bill-b:
Good stuff with a classic sound.
lyric is well written and the arrangemet is great. fine and tasteful guitar throughout.

Mista Perez
01/10/13 07:22:54AM @mista-perez:
Now this one had me rocking instantly. Nice bluesy and rock combo. Very well written too.
01/10/13 11:27:45AM @josephrodz:
I hear the drummer in my room,YEAH!!!!


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