Ed Drury
Ed Drury

Commented on: Already Gone

04/09/18 01:02:57PM @ed-drury:
That opening "synth-like" guitar line is very catchy and tight with the percussion. Sets up the vocal melody beautifully. The vocal track is really tight BTW, and enjoy the sparse lead breaks between verses. This is compelling rock/punk/poetic-spoken-wordy type stuff. In other words, your own genre for your brave new, slightly retro world -- a logical next step in the evolution of Z. Love the way you mix foreground against the background to create some really nice dynamics. Specifically how some of the guitar parts are triple forte and others pianissimo. That is exactly the kind of expressive mixing so often missing from the more formulaic world of the mainstream that is the mark of the Bowie's, the David Byrne's, etc. Nice stuff!