Eric Lee
Eric Lee

Small Town Ways

album: Southern Redneck
genre: Country
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Verse 1 Rusted roof on an old barn board, in the gravel yard sits a beat up ford We ain't got much just a two room shack; we got a little garden growing out...
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Uptempo, exciting, rhythmic tune that talks about what the joys are of country living. We love a good time and this is expressive of tha
Small Town Ways
05/23/12 12:34:02PM @caleb-melvin:
dude this is freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
this guy really knows how to sing :D

Farrell Jackson
05/21/12 08:44:24AM @farrell-jackson:
Small Town Ways: Great country rock sound! Excellent story line, vocals and I love the sound of that Tele!



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