Bossa Brazilia

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This is an upbeat instrumental that I made to help me remember the sunny times.
Bossa Brazilia
09/28/17 01:01:33AM @510jazz:
Que Bem! What a wild samba ride!
I like how you infuse hammond organ, various synths, steel pans, mute-trumpet and lots of afro-cuban hand percussion. Pretty cool how you infused the Montuno riffs on piano as well. Obrigado

10/03/10 11:38:20AM @cooter:
Oh yeah! This is way cool! Not only are my feet going, I want to wave my arms around, and sway my hips. The hip swaying is not a pretty picture, but then I'm having fun here, not making a movie.

I love the uplifting nature of this tune. The way you craft a tune, Elaine, is a thing of beauty.

And at 2:45 you got me smiling big-time... and the horns... I love the horns.

You have got the gift, Elaine. What a JOY to experience this tune.


10/02/10 10:38:06AM @bigpete:
another great groovy track from the BigE, love the the production and exellent arrranging, makes want to go down to a Rio beach and samba in the sun.
10/01/10 07:54:29PM @allenv:
Great song Elaine!You pleasantly surprised me with this style and you have a wonderful signature that you bring to whatever you do.I'm feeling inspired again!


05/05/11 10:35:04AM @gordon-leed:
I see a nice clean beach, like Olinda or Recife..fruit cocktails on the beach, and the beautiful Brasileiras dancing to this so smooth track ! Takes me back to Brasil, a country I love so much. Eu gosta - Muito bom !
Thanks for this nice memory

Luca Wulf
01/22/11 09:00:04AM @huge-artist:
Yes we all need to keep summer inside for the rainy days.

I do wonder what images accompany this soundtrack...
It seems like a city summer?
Pavements shimmering,music blaring from passing cars and open windows.
The city alive,shimmering in the heat.

Certainly has summer inbedded in every note and rhythm.
Wonderfuly done.



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