Exalted Dirt
Exalted Dirt

Shake This Place

album: Exalted Dirt
genre: Christian Rock
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"SHAKE THIS PLACE"(Acts 4:24-31, Exodus 20:11, Psalm 2:1-2)[Acts 4:24]Hear our hearts, Lord!With a unified voiceWe call out to You.[Exodus 20:11]Absolute...
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More power metal for the masses! Musically, I was inspired a little by the band Divinefire on this one, while the "shake this place" chorus reminds me of...
Shake This Place
carol sue
10/26/18 10:28:29PM @carol-sue:
What a sample..
Have to say it was easy to hear this would be killer
upon the first couple seconds. A Wow factor, for sure!!


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