Factor Of 2
Factor Of 2

Keep Me In The Son

album: Levitate EP
genre: Christian Rock
streams: 474

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I finally found an inch of twilightGathering thoughts, preparing my heartThe garden is still and it is quietI know this path and I know there's no turning...
Keep Me In The Son
John R. Kennedy
09/11/13 03:34:40PM @john-r-kennedy:
Nice song with some really good instrumentation. Like the arrangement, vocals and the mix is very good. Yes, the Son, Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Faith in His blood, Amen!

Peace and Blessings, John

05/01/13 09:24:23AM @john-frederick:
You have a lot of plays but no reviews Good quality song here. little more on the metal side. Good work I like it it.


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