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My first steps after my last Album "T & Y"....
09/11/10 04:31:46AM @zero-2-zero:
thanks for shareing such talents my friend enjoyed very much
lovely work

09/11/10 04:31:29AM @zero-2-zero:
thanks for shareing such talents my friend enjoyed very much
lovely work

09/23/09 08:28:03AM @piperon:
I heard a track with the same title from Valkir and it was love at first listensing. I was supposed to do up an animation video for his track but due to time constraint, I have to drop the idea. This systematic track is rather very anticipating in the sound range. The synth just boost the idea behind all these production, a clever way to lurk the most timid heart to listen to this awesome and dazzling sound.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

Rob Grant
09/20/09 02:31:42PM @rayon-vert:
This is an astral travelling extraganza :-) Very nice opening build and the piece has excellent flow, with very a driving theme. Love all of the very tasteful synth work........another much appreciated download :-)
Love your Music!!!

09/16/09 08:29:00AM @jones-danby:

Incarnate Word
09/20/09 01:48:15PM @incarnate-word:
some of the things I find most pleasing is your use of synths in this musical score. very reflective in nature it brings to the forfron of the mind an etherial vison of lights and colors. Excellent job
09/15/09 09:17:54PM @will-mitchell:
"Evolution" is a very intriguing ambient piece. In the beginning it is relaxing and contemplative; the underlying bass movement seems to suggest that there's more to this piece than simply living in the background. Slowly but surely a beat comes into the fold and takes the music to an entirely different plane of existence. The piece "evolves" into a driving almost house-like song, and just as you think you've gotten a handle on where its headed it changes again. This piece is very involved and I really enjoyed the seemingly never-ending progression from part to part. Well done.


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