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Heaven must be proud

album: Heavensgate
genre: Easy Listening
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My first collab here on mixposure...from the year 2006.Many thanks to Brandon Michelle....what a voice...
Heaven must be proud
10/07/08 09:29:47AM @syntopia-music:

10/06/08 02:55:04PM @jelly:

10/06/08 01:35:17PM @piperon:
This is the perfect collaboration since I heard several tone of them. Both of you seems to enlighted the firework in this teamwork. Definitely, Brandon Michelle is still my favourite female vocalist but it seems luck is not at her side. I hope one day, she will be able to fullfill her dream in the singing career. Of course, not forgetting the FD trademark that bring this beautiful music together.

With million of love fom Singapore.
PIPERON (One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth)

10/06/08 12:57:17PM @ab1:
frank.. with you here it makes it the real mixpo again.. and on this one you have brandon who we haven't heard in a long time.. what a great intro that really puts us in the mood.. brandy is sounding great with that sparse bassline to start.. love the acoustic guitar mixed with string pads.. a beautiful song.. that's all need be said of such a subtle and tender song.. well maybe an awesomely beautiful song.. heaven must be proud.. cheers my friends..
10/06/08 05:01:02AM @ab2:

I knew it had to be Brandon`s vocal...She has such an unmistakable sound...Loved it Brandon..:-) Just gorgeous..:-)

10/06/08 04:57:58AM @ab2:
When I see a review start with the word Awesome, well then of course I`m curious...The vocal performance here is second to none...Lovely female vox that sound very much like Brandon Michelle? I wonder if it is her..Whoever it is deserves full credit.. I love it!! and the lyrics..
The soft, gentle music is the perfect bed to lay this down upon...

Excellent work..:-) Now, let me go read the info to see who the singer is..:-)

Peace n love Mags :-)

10/05/08 03:39:29PM @durod:
Awesome, majestic intro on "Heaven Must be Proud". Vocals are right in your face and performed with excellence. Bass is kickin'. Everything in the mix is crystal clear yet sets right in it's place. Can't say enough about this one. Excellent work guys.


10/07/08 06:30:02PM @self-tort:
What a wonderful reunion. FD and Brandon back together on mixposure. Superb composition. Brandy's voice is sounding better than ever. Delicous sounding guitar picking and the trademark FD production. Great to hear you both again.




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