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Steppin' On My Groove

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Steppin' On My Groove
03/18/19 11:13:34PM @moquinn:
& I really loved this one ~ it's got da funk & I can so very much relate to this song oh yeah Baby!!!
Brett Service
10/18/13 09:53:38AM @brett-service:
Great groove to this, lyrics well-written, and the vocals and musicianship are top notch! cheers, Brett
Michael Stone
08/08/13 11:28:50PM @michael-stone:
Here is music that will stick in your head long after you've heard it the first time. I also know the story behind the tune, which makes it even more fun. It has to do with dancing, and Disney animation.

You can hear about that during the portions of my interview with G.I. and Jo to be air Fri 8/9 8PM ET-USA

Great music with passion and in this case a whole lot of fun. You're not as old as some might tell you. That's the message.
Michael Stone


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