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written by Johnny Winter...all instruments and vocal by 'yours truly'
Gary Dabrowski
09/05/20 08:04:00PM @gary-dabrowski:
thank you Kephas!
09/01/20 03:47:37PM @kephas:
Smokin' !
08/20/18 10:45:03PM @moquinn:
Oh Yeah! Gary you sure are gettin' into this one diggin' your blues ~ glad you are sharing more & more of your music with us

Gary Dabrowski
08/07/18 12:56:05PM @gary-dabrowski:
thanks Ron, RS and glad you liked it...
Farrell Jackson
08/06/18 11:10:45AM @farrell-jackson:
Yessir some real kikazz blues! Cool vox and guitar.....I can hear the Johnny Winter style for sure.


08/04/18 03:22:17PM @rs-cain:
Yeah! This is raw and in your face, just like JW! Love your vocals, great attitude!
Killer blues chops in the solo!
Yes sir, it's a keeper!

Gary Dabrowski
08/04/18 01:24:46PM @gary-dabrowski:
thanks was supposed to be Johnny Winter(ish)...but if it reminded you of SRV, that's fine with me!...I'm well aware that I'm nowhere near either one of their levels...but it was fun for me...big fan of them both...
Gary Dabrowski
08/04/18 01:17:31PM @gary-dabrowski:
thank you carol sue
carol sue
08/04/18 12:23:23PM @carol-sue:
Yalza~ might fine blues music you have here Gary! :)
Barefoot Music
08/04/18 10:04:51AM @barefoot-music-group:
Wow Gary!! This just knocked me on my barefeet. Tribute to a Texas guy eh? Could that be Stevie Ray perhaps?


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