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A SALTY DOG (remastered)

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my rendition of the song by the British band Procol Harum...the song's lyrics were written by Keith Reid and its music was written by Gary Brooker. It was...
A SALTY DOG (remastered)
Gary Dabrowski
03/25/19 03:59:21PM @gary-dabrowski:
Carol Sue...thanks for listening and comment!...
carol sue
03/25/19 08:49:05AM @carol-sue:
The king of cover tunes~ you did it again!
Very nicely recreated, I might add!! :)

Gary Dabrowski
03/18/19 09:47:33PM @gary-dabrowski:
Frank...thanks for listening and the compliment!...I know, this is such a great song (among so many PH had done)...obviously, I like this one so much I decided to record certainly was challenging for me...
Gary Dabrowski
03/18/19 09:40:16PM @gary-dabrowski:
Farrell...TY for the compliment!..I loved Procol Harum from the first time I ever heard them (Whiter Shade of Pale was the first song I heard by them)...I did get to see them perform once at a college in NJ...they still had Robin Trower!...
Gary Dabrowski
03/18/19 09:31:52PM @gary-dabrowski:
Ron B...thanks!
Farrell Jackson
03/18/19 08:43:45PM @farrell-jackson:
Well done Gary ! I don't think Procol Harum really received their just deserts as prog pioneers. You did some fine work on this one!
Frank Northcutt
03/18/19 07:58:40PM @frank-northcutt:
Oh, man. One of my all time favorite songs, Gary. Great arrangement and performance. Well done!
03/18/19 07:53:11PM @ronbowes:
It's a good rendition of this song Gary. Kudos!


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