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Gary Dabrowski
Gary Dabrowski

POLY-61 BLUES (remastered)

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Composition and all instruments (performed on the Korg Poly-61), except drums, by 'yours truly'
POLY-61 BLUES (remastered)
Gary Dabrowski
04/06/19 06:17:04PM @gary-dabrowski:
thanks Ron B!...
04/06/19 02:17:06PM @ronbowes:
Love that trumpet sound. Funky style blues/jazz.
Gary Dabrowski
04/06/19 09:06:57AM @gary-dabrowski:
Carol Sue...thanks for listening and your comment!...glad you enjoyed it...
carol sue
04/06/19 06:08:02AM @carol-sue:
Funky cool blues... You've got it going on, Gary!
Keep doing what you do so greatly~ I enjoy listening!

Gary Dabrowski
04/02/19 04:12:14PM @gary-dabrowski:
thanks Tony Cee!...
tony cee
04/02/19 01:30:33PM @tony-cee:
nice blues tune gary , fantastic sounds love it ......tony cee


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