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Gary Dabrowski
Gary Dabrowski

COOL JERK (remastered)

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written by Donald Storball and originally performed by The Capitols. Released in 1966...all instruments and vocals by 'yours truly'
COOL JERK (remastered)
Gary Dabrowski
07/07/19 11:47:35AM @gary-dabrowski:
Toni...thank you...obviously you can 'do it'!
Gary Dabrowski
07/07/19 11:46:13AM @gary-dabrowski:
Tony Cee...thanks!
Barefoot Music
07/07/19 01:57:39AM @barefoot-music-group:
Very COOL time warping Gary!
Carol Sue is spot on....dancing! doing the cool jerk.
Crazy good those 88 keys!

tony cee
07/06/19 03:52:17PM @tony-cee:
nice 50s style song gary . love it …..cheers tony cee
Gary Dabrowski
07/05/19 10:43:54PM @gary-dabrowski:
Carol Sue...thanks much for listening and your comment...glad you enjoyed it!...🙂
carol sue
07/05/19 06:46:12PM @carol-sue:
::dance:: ::sing-along::
::enjoyed this fabulous rendition!:: :)


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