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A WHITER SHADE OF PALE -- by The Band of Brothers

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the classic song recorded live in the summer of 2015 by 'The Band of Brothers', which was a jam session/party in a studio in NYC...some of the musicians:...
A WHITER SHADE OF PALE -- by The Band of Brothers
Gary Dabrowski
12/07/20 03:48:37PM @gary-dabrowski:
Carol Sue...thanks for listening...glad ya like it!
carol sue
12/07/20 03:04:24PM @carol-sue:
Bravo to you all!
Smooth rendition to such an excellent song.. much enjoyed listening!

Gary Dabrowski
12/07/20 02:27:40PM @gary-dabrowski:
Farrell...thanks!...yes, it was quite an event(s) was booked maybe 6-8 hours and many musicians and folks would show up...many I didn't know...of course we didn't all play at the same time, but 'took turns'...on this one both Wayne Shuster and myself (keyboards), Fofi Lancha and Guy Boissierre (drums), Ryan Sam (vocal), Dave Grant (guitar) and Rick Pascual (bass)...
Farrell Jackson
12/07/20 01:26:46PM @farrell-jackson:
Wow Gary that is a huge bunch of talented musicians! Great song and performances...that had to be fun gathering each year to play, record and enjoying the musical comradery.


Gary Dabrowski
12/07/20 12:28:52PM @gary-dabrowski: was an annual event for a few years...musicians and folks from all over, but mostly NYC--very cool and fun!...then one of the drummers, Guy Boissiere (in the red shirt), passed on (he would come all the way from France!, but grew up in NYC)...Guy was instrumental in getting this thing together, and was loved and missed by fell apart after that...
12/07/20 09:58:26AM @jimsae:
Gary, you did a wonderful job, what a great jam session that must've been!
Gary Dabrowski
12/07/20 07:59:35AM @gary-dabrowski:
Paul...thanks for listening...glad ya like it!
Paul rainbird
12/07/20 06:12:09AM @paul-rainbird:
Love this song great version 👌


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