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Composition written and all instrumentation, except drums, performed (on the Roland DX-50 Sampler) by 'yours truly'...(©2018 All Rights...
Gary Dabrowski
02/25/21 05:28:54PM @gary-dabrowski:
Paul...thanks for listening, and the compliment...glad ya like it!
Paul rainbird
02/25/21 12:39:34PM @paul-rainbird:
Excellent love it
Gary Dabrowski
02/24/21 08:56:10PM @gary-dabrowski:
Jim...thanks for listening, and the compliment...glad ya like it!
02/24/21 06:46:48PM @jimsae:
Outstanding track, Gary D! Excellent composition, put together with great care and skill, and this makes my new monitors sound so good!
Gary Dabrowski
02/24/21 02:20:41PM @gary-dabrowski:
Carol Sue...thanks for listening, and the compliment!...there are other original tunes from me on this site...ODE TO SCHROEDER, GARY'S FUNKY ORGAN pg 1, THE GARDAB EXPRESS pg 4, WHY ASK ME?, DABRO'S LAMENT pg 5, POLY-61 BLUES pg 7, GOOSEY, POLLY ROCK pg 8, DABBLEDOOYA pg 10, GARY'S SAMBA, BLUES FOR G, NOYVOUS pg 11
carol sue
02/24/21 08:26:29AM @carol-sue:
You sure played that well, Gary!
I enjoyed hearing an original tune from you.
::encore:: :) *****

Gary Dabrowski
02/23/21 01:26:50PM @gary-dabrowski:
Eric...thanks for listening, and the compliment...glad ya like it!
Eric Saitz
02/23/21 11:16:04AM @eric-saitz:
Really really nice work Gary. I dig it and I am really into this type of music at the moment!
Enjoyed very much

Gary Dabrowski
02/23/21 10:15:14AM @gary-dabrowski:
Lorne...thanks for listening, and the compliment!
02/22/21 09:00:41PM @lorne-reid:
Awesome Gary. Always mesmerized by the skill set you bring!!!


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