Geoff Thurman
Geoff Thurman

Dirty Little Secret

album: Deeper Shades
genre: Singer/Songwriter
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Dirty Little Secret Ric Sandler Geoff Thurman I had a dirty little secret There was a hole in my heart Love flowed but I just couldn’t keep it It slowly...
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From “Deeper Shades” Producer: Kevin Ray Lawson Lead/Backing Vocals: Geoff Thurman Keyboards: Geoff Thurman Acoustic & Electric Guitars:...
Dirty Little Secret
02/11/18 08:34:24PM @avmo:
Powerhouse of a song!!!
01/08/14 03:10:52AM @geoff-thurman:
I appreciate the love.
01/05/14 07:33:37PM @david-c-deal:
Obviously quality musicianship all around. I especially enjoyed the chorus" guitar against the organ. Fine song construction. Very powerful to my emotions.


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