Where I Lay My Head

album: Return To Fantasy
genre: Art Rock
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Till the sun goes down I'll leave my bed And face the world once more When daylight fades I'll lay my head Where I laid to rest before I'm the voyager I...
Where I Lay My Head
01/29/11 10:43:48AM @tcp:
Introspective, surreal, flowing and impacting are just a few words to describe this epic floydian song. Really quite a superb piece of work certainly is a real pleasure for these ears. You guys are hitting on all cylinders. Love the synth washes and interweaving lead guitar, awesome bass tone, and overall demeanor of this gem. BRAVO GSM!! ..B
Luca Wulf
10/23/10 03:44:43PM @huge-artist:
VERY nice cover Gabriel.
Do I hear the dulcet tones of the VSTI "Crazy Diamonds" in the opening?
Man I love that VSTI
You had me hooked right from the start.
That keyboard,that beautiful,beautiful lead and the ominous build,so rich in atmosphere.

bend and sustain to perfection.

Vocals in this are also TOP TOP notch mate.
I must say,and I know you'll probably hate me for it,but I am getting a huge floyd feeling in certain aspects of this.
I assure,it is the highest compliment I can pay.
IMHO they are simply the masters of mood and build.

You are one of those artists I sit and listen to and can frankly only ever dream of making music like.
You have an epic vision that is so rare.
You NEVER sell a song short,you don't write to formula, you don't care for "How long" and you have such a vivid musical imagination.

When that lead re-entered at 5:55...
Well it's enough to make a grown man weep.
Only Mr Gilmour ever gets me like that.
You have one almighty standing ovation from me for that lead break,I got chills mate no BS.
That is how you play a lead break that tears ya heart out and makes you want it to keep on doing so.

My goodness Gabriel,this os damned good mate.
I hope you replay it when you get time and sit there and smile in pride,it is a masterpiece of writing and playing.

8:28......oh no......
Wait,come back....
Ah :)
A transistion :):):):):)

10:01,there's that wonderful keys again.
Oh damn...
It's finished.

What a wonderful experince that was.


05/27/09 06:10:36PM @rs-cain:
It's really fun when you go into something not really knowing what to expect, but with the knowledge it's gonna be good, no matter what.
This piece fit's that bill to a "T".
Three tremendous artists collaborating, you expect great things.
This piece delivers, on all counts, in spades.
I echo the comments of all the previous reviewers. Floydian, yes, to some extent, and maybe some "Yes-like" quality, particularly in the middle vocal part.
Overall, such good composition, singing, playing, arranging, and production makes for a special piece; a Landmark of the highest order.
Congratulations to all involved!

05/25/09 12:18:59PM @brian-mattson:
This is some brilliant creative musical endeavor! HUGE IN SOUND AND CONCEPT. I love music with such Epic proportions. You have the magic for sure! Keep em coming!
05/18/09 10:36:28AM @blue-sahara:
The three of you have truly turned into a Super-Group! Bravo to this outstanding collaboration. Mesmerizing and mysterious. I love this soundscape. Yes, I do hear Pink Floyd in here. Aren't we all influenced by them, eh? Gents, this is simply wonderful. An absolute treat!

05/17/09 02:48:27PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Thank you all so very much !!!!!!!
05/17/09 02:42:28PM @tlt50:
Gabe your soundscapes are amazing,my friend...truly remarkable... The artistic quality of this epic track is phenominal.The prodution,mix and arrangement are first class. Chris's vocals and lyrics are always a pleasure to experience.Chris G. has an amazing way of laying down guitar tracks that are creative,intelligent and fit the song with great results. The musicianship displayed here is incredible.....BRAVO !!!!


05/17/09 10:14:56AM @saturated:
This is a purely amazing tune! I have it cranked thru my recording monitors.. first cup of coffee in the morning.. and im floored by the sound. Just HUGE sounding and haunting. Excellent guitar work and just pure tone.. vocals.. bass.. everything about this tune is amazing!
Rob Grant
05/17/09 06:38:34AM @rayon-vert:
CHILLS! The work you guys put into this is astonishing. BEAUTIFUL!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I hope you guys have a LONG lasting relationship. AWESOME!!!

05/18/09 08:39:11AM @david-c-deal:
Well guys, it goes without saying that you have something special going on here. I do believe the three of you could be one of "those" matches where it just "happens". Fantastically clear production with classic, progressive feel. Flawless execution. Deep and seductive.
David C Deal

05/31/09 04:32:02PM @mark-cloutier:
hi chris ---great to hear your music once again!! really terrific synth work and the lead work--a superb collab here!gabriel!! yeah--alright pro work across the board!!!excellnto! you can sing man!--no doubt about it!! very powerful song! mark
05/27/09 10:08:00PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Thank you sooo much Bobby, Brian, Heinz and David !!! Working with Chris and Chris is nothing short of sheer enjoyment. 2 professionals at the top of their game !!


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