Helen DeBaker-Vorce
Helen DeBaker-Vorce
Helen DeBaker-Vorce

Your Gonna Hurt Me Again

album: Helen DeBaker
genre: Easy Listening
streams: 263

  Song Lyrics
Your Gonna Hurt Me Again  Written by: Helen DeBacker(DeBaker) Copyright: 2004     He said Honey, Please come back I know I was wrong for all the things I...
Your Gonna Hurt Me Again
01/04/11 04:07:54PM @rocketmaxx:
Excellent dynamics .All the playing has a nice touch about it.Your voice is strong, a quality that I really enjoy.The song is catchy to boot.
Lyrical Princess
01/04/11 01:20:42AM @lyrical-princess:
Listened to this in chat tonight on BigPetes show.. Love the lyrics & the very Catchy melody.. Your vocals are Beautiful.. Have it on repeat.. Really loving this.. Wow.. gives me chills..

All The Best,
Lyrical Princess

01/03/11 10:12:14PM @spud:
Heard your song on Big Pete's radio show, Helen(sure 'nuff). Your voice & style are just great - as is the tune, so the sonic blend we have here is simply a great listen as a result..
welcome - and all the best!

01/03/11 02:54:41PM @bigpete:
Just love the vocal performance, love the tone of your voice, and I'm a sucker for country, this is a lovely track that I will love to play on my Mixposure radio show, welcome to Mixposure.
Helen DeBaker
01/03/11 05:39:18PM @helen-debaker-vorce:
Thank you BigPete for the compliment!
I appreciate your response and I am honored that you will add my song to your radio show.

01/03/11 05:43:02PM @cooter:
Cool tune, Helen. I enjoy country music, too. Nicely done.

I like.



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