Henry Correy
Henry Correy

Self Made Man

genre: Blues
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Preview of title track from new Cd ...(final mix )
Self Made Man
07/12/15 09:19:26PM @cooter:
Listening to this very fine tune on Barefoot Baroness's show right now. Really nicely done!
11/20/09 11:02:22AM @jenn:
I love this song! great performance, great sound, great artist! :)
11/18/09 09:53:33PM @bigpete:
first class blues, great vocal performance backed up by some great blues performances from all involved, great live sounding production like the blues should sound.
11/12/09 07:15:12PM @bluzndablood:
Wow! Henry Correy is at it again! Ya know, I started playing his music on my BluzNdaBlood Show years ago, but I've never had a listener write me and tell me they listened to an old show and went and downloaded everything that he had online! Well, no doubt when I play Self Made Man on the show, the downloads will start again! Nice work, Henry! You definitely have the blues in your blood! Dave
11/29/09 07:25:15PM @blasty:
A nother tear your heart performance from Hery the honest oz Bluesman !!
Papa Eclipse
10/11/09 07:34:24AM @papa-eclipse:
What can be said aint no beggar I think we have all been there Henry tells it like it is smooth as ice water with a report like white lightnin this is what blues are all about great licks fantastic harp and a bass line to kill for number 1st class A+ effort .
Blues Cat
10/06/09 12:04:05PM @blues-cat:
People can relate the truth in Henry Correy's "Self made Man" Bluesy and crisp with a true blues bite. I give this tune a "two paws up" to anyone's music library.
09/20/09 11:23:53PM @whiteboy-slim:
Henry Correy captures the sardonic, slightly ironic tone that makes all great blues great. he also has a knack for calling on great sidemen. The Blues is alive and well in Australia.
bob jasper
09/10/09 08:19:46PM @bob-jasper:
As a true blues fan, I'll say anything "blue" is OK by me. This song's lyrics are good...though the vocals could've been a little stronger in the mix. The guitar on the right seems to be just "doodling" along over the top of the song, without really contributing to the feel or dynamics. Don't worry about "filling" the mix, the blues are as much about what you DON'T play, as what you do. Especially if what's thrown in there doesn't fit the song.
09/21/09 11:01:43PM @rob-horsell:
There's something to be said for the Blues. It is the most endeering way for an artist to tell a story of love, despair and all that life's challenges offer. Henry steps up here and takes Blues to a new level. Self Made Man is a step forward for an artist I admire and can totally relate to. Go Henry Go!
Rocky Jackson
09/04/09 02:00:03PM @rocky-jackson:
Henry pours out his soul, as usual, on Self Made Man. Who knew the Blues was alive and well down under.
08/03/09 07:58:10AM @thekid:
Self Made Man is another great song from a prolific blues songwriter. Powerful vocals - grit that bares the soul. Henry has been a long time favourite blues artist of mine and a great inspiration and mentor. Classic blues. Can't wait for the album release.

08/03/09 06:49:52AM @louise-hughes:
Hi Henry,"Self Made Man" is fantastic...true blues at its best! Great lyrical content & worthy melody always make for a great song...you've done it here!
Cool interchange between bass & vocal.
Love it Henry!

08/03/09 06:36:13AM @pete-mitchell-alias-stratmaster:
Nice track Henry, strong vocal, dominant bass from a writer who gives 110% from the heart. Great to hear some more good blues from OZ. Keep On Rocking.
08/03/09 05:22:12AM @phil-edgeley:
Ahh Henry!! What subtle way to package your feelings on doing stuff your way, love the "slow fuse" feel of the tune which underpins your 'menacing" vocal delivery, Blues at it's best mate!!
08/03/09 03:13:14AM @beachhead:
In the few years that we've known each other and in the time that I've been to what Henry's been playing this by far one of his best.
In many ways, it is almost autobiographical of the attitudes that have been following him around and it is a testament to his writing skills that he has managed to get it into such a great song.
I might add that over those years of listening I can hear just how much his singing has gained as well.
A really effort from a bloody fine exponent of the Blues.

Jim McAllister
08/04/09 05:21:39AM @jim-mcallister:
I liked Self Made Man. The lyrics tell an all-too-familiar story of how hard life can be. Great instrumental work from all concerned and real heart-felt vocals. Good work Henry.
Jim McAllister

07/18/09 08:12:29AM @leeatoz:
Henry what a great example of Blues from a man who lives the blues and is brilliant in his expression this tune is another example of a fine artist at his best. Wonderful.
Kindest regards
Lee Bacon

07/15/09 08:38:59PM @blasty:
Electric eclectic Blooze in the best tradition Henery - nice feel great licks and the desperately almost self loathing lyric -- Youve had a hard life and it shows -- We all love you for it - I hope that you get the recognition you deserve -- When are you going back on the road , mate ??
07/12/09 07:16:05PM @vesa:
Straight on blues.."been cheated...been used", them words is real blues...like it, sounds so refreshing. Love that seering guitar; very super playing. All 'round good sound...it moves a bit more at 2:min., really an ENERGETIC groove goin on with some fine overlaping of guitars. Great vocals; good edgy range, dynamic singing. like the lyrics. The sound levels are FAB...all instrumnets in their perfect placement. A real SUPERB blues; Love it. Worth more listens as it's still spinning around.
-Your friend. -Vesa.

Doctor C
07/12/09 11:07:33AM @doctor-c:
Always a pleasure to hear a classic blues full of passion and sinserity. This song has it all. It's grooving so smoothly, the vox are so heartfelt, the guitar is so emotional... I'm sure no "armchair experts" will ever insult you or your music :-) Great track, man!
Farrell Jackson
07/12/09 09:52:32AM @farrell-jackson:
Great blues composition Henry from the deep clear bass, the lyric, to the overdriven tube amp sound on the guitars! You're a natural Self Made Man blues player....enjoyed it!


07/12/09 08:41:42AM @mark-reed:
This is for a man who knows how to put over a good blues number. Have to confess it's even better the second time round. Nice work mate
07/12/09 08:07:09AM @durod:
Sounds just as good, if not better the second time around!!!
Rob Grant
07/12/09 07:05:11AM @rayon-vert:
Henry, you always bring me back to my roots.....and I have a good time listening and reminiscing of the good ol' days. Your vox and bass playing are from the heart, the guitar is always clean, natural and gut wrenching. Your blues is my fun. THANKS!!!

07/11/09 06:35:50PM @bluescity:
Once again Henry has written a song that climbed the charts on my station.

His gritty growl oozes blues in such a way that people can't help but feel it down to there shoes.

Henry is a one of kind bass playin', song writin', singin' blues man to the bone!

07/11/09 10:35:32AM @sergio-schiano:
Henry Correy's Blues come from the heart...

it's full of passion....

it's full of groove...

great vocal and music..

I love it !



Blue Period Blues
07/11/09 07:06:23AM @ramperampe:
Exhilarating...Another man's misery can make you feel full of joy when it's expressed in such a honest and slightly unpolished pure way.The tone of the guitar is the real thing and the bass crawls aggressively like a snake around the beat.And the vocals...well.... Did I hear a bit of self-mockery from the self made man ? A bit of laughter amidst the anger? That does it for me...

07/10/09 08:43:06PM @jandsa:
Henry, great track. Sorry we'll miss you this year in Narooma. We'd love to hear you do this live. Knock 'em dead.


John & Shazza

07/06/09 04:55:13AM @jaybees:
Henry is such a gentleman and this song about his struggles with life and love is testament to his chivalry. He could have written a scathing song about the way he was treated instead he has celebrated the fact that he is who he is through his own hard work. Henry is an honest blues musician who tells it like it is? Thanks for the tunes, Henry!
09/21/09 02:14:43AM @pistonpete:
Henry ! Great arrangement keep them coming,

08/05/09 03:16:26PM @guitoward:
Great song !!
Very heart felt!!!
I think most musicians can relate to this song!!
Very nice playing!!
I think it's a winner!!
Howard Glazer

08/11/09 08:02:26PM @christina-crofts:
Really great blues song Henry, got all the right ingredients....you got the blues!!
12/19/09 07:43:51PM @genghisken:
Damn fine blues jam here, all the elements, super production, vocals and playing!! Just heard this on BigPete's show, awesome song!
12/06/08 03:06:45PM @mark-cloutier:
hi henry always a great pleasure listening to your blues--you are one of the best out there anywhere! great luck with your cd!! dig franks guitar work!!gruffy heartfelt vox and whjat a full bass sound!!mark
11/30/08 02:18:04AM @stevefaustin:
Henry is in a class of his own. He is unique in both his vocal delivery and his songwriting. He constantly pushes the boundaries of the musical genre, and in many ways, has reinvented the style. There is only one Henry Correy in my opinion. Nobody does it like him!
11/16/08 01:01:14PM @vesa:
Always a treat to hear your blues. You have a wonderful consistency in your music which I really dig, and each one always captures something unique in their own right; it blues but it's all you Henry. Great to find much inspiration from you. Great vocals & I enjoy the guitar phrasing alot. (wish I could sing;- I can sound like a blackbluesman, but I won't)
This has fine lyrics with an excellent accompanying guitar artistry. The band is top notch. The arrangement is excellent. GREAT PRODUCTION Henry.
-Your Canuk blues fan & friend. -Vesa.

Juri R
11/14/08 02:50:04AM @grand-jury:
That's one certainly kick-**** Blues Number with all right ingredients included.Luv it all the way!!!
Doctor C
10/29/08 09:23:55AM @doctor-c:
Nobody does blues like you do, Henry. You should be proud of this one - it has everything that makes the blues such a popular and beloved genre for so many people. The bass and lead guitars shine here like thay should in any good blues. And the vox are so heartfelt and passionate. Well done! Top marks.
10/29/08 08:34:40AM @brian-futch:
Love this kind of slow cooked blues. Your vox are perfect for this genre. I'm never disappointed when I listen to your music. Of course the licks are dripping. Great job on this Henry.

10/26/08 09:36:37AM @dazed:
Henry this is just classic! sweet bass line and fantastic guitar work. Add in the vocals and this is a winner. Outstanding!
10/26/08 08:20:59AM @durod:
LUUUUVVVVV that bass!! Beautiful blues baby, beautiful........lead guitar is talking too :)
10/26/08 07:34:43AM @henry-correy:
Thanks a lot buddy !...I appreciate your kind comments.

11/12/09 05:16:51PM @blasty:
Another great Bluesy album from Henry c - can always be relied upon to deliver raw played from the depths of his soul blues !!! New feel with the harp playing and the talents of a new guitarist - but over all -its still torn and tortured Henry !! great to play in the car , loud and late at night .... BL
09/11/09 04:47:29PM @karelsvarc:
I've always been a blues player/singer so i have a good feel for whats right and whats wrong,and this track is spot on with excellent vocals and musical composition,Henry sings and plays this track with a deep felt power of emotion thats evens pours out in his guitar riffs that he plays. I personally love this track and i think that the song Self Made Man, an extension of his personality expressed by his music, after all he is a self made man and the blues is him.
10/26/08 06:21:54AM @mark-reed:
Your output is prolific, and the quality of your music continues to shine. This is no exception. Great piece of blues well done
11/14/09 01:20:20PM @whiteboy-slim:
Henry Correy is one of my favourite blue artists. and a fine partner on stage too. This is perhaps his best recording to date.
Luca Wulf
12/08/08 12:08:50PM @huge-artist:
Henry,it was good to hear from you!
How ya doing mate,well I hope.

Another classic bles track from you...
As always,highly polished and SOOOO in the flow.
Guitar,spot on,nice walking bass line as well.
Full band sound.
Yep cannot ask for more mate
Greatly enjoyed


12/07/09 04:44:46PM @self-tort:
Soulful stuff, Henry. Great raw feel in those vocals. Like the mix of guitar tones. Add a solid rhythm section and you've got a top notch blues track. Nice kick up into the solo. Cool work.



12/12/08 08:59:43PM @buddrumming:
Henry....awesome....i can never get enough blues....i just love this song....great work.....Thx, Bud
Farrell Jackson
11/19/08 04:31:21PM @farrell-jackson:
Yes this is the blues and that deep, deep bass tone just oozes fullness!
Great vocals and that guitar has that "just turn up that Fender tube amp" sound and forget the effects. Nice and natural!


07/06/09 03:31:06AM @revatoz:
Love that gravel voice... and the song Henry


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