Incarnate Word
Incarnate Word

Ghosts of the Past

album: Demo
genre: Ambient
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Ghosts of the Past
carol sue
04/22/20 07:30:41AM @carol-sue:
I've so enjoyed your music over the years.
Hoping you're well and still creating.
Sure love these notes of tranquility.. peace and harmony, so beautiful!
::encore:: *****

07/12/14 11:11:48AM @gene-smith:
Too long, this is a very cool Saturday morning listen.
07/12/14 07:33:44AM @reeker:
Btw it has been way to freakin long! Glad hear you playing!
07/12/14 07:32:31AM @reeker:
I see you been at the keys again ;) sounding good my friend!
Incarnate Word
07/12/14 04:03:50AM @incarnate-word:
Its been a while


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