Gypsy Princess

genre: Halloween 2009
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Gypsy Princess (V1) She was Gypsy Princess that lived years ago She loved to dance and tease, until that final show (Chr) Now her brown skin never glows,...
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Gary contacted me for a possible collab on a song he was working on. He was requesting some vocals and lyric. Once I heard his rockin' guitars, it was hard...
Gypsy Princess
11/29/09 12:19:49PM @lex-zaleta:
Radio - and world - ready, for sure! Super solid from top to bottom and beginning to end. Two fine talents meet along the road and become instant old friends and monstrously strong collaborators. I hope you guys are making more - right now! - Lex -

11/27/09 03:22:13PM @mark-cloutier:
Hi Farrel! Great to hear ya once again--been a bit i have been here and there doing many things--great vocal work on this and really punchy! love it! Yeah slidework is becoming a part of my blues diet now!
11/26/09 09:52:06AM @the-humps:
Wayne (26 Nov 2009 06:38 AM)
Solid rock song you have here. Nice tight, crunchy, 80's rock sounding guitar. Reminds me of a band called April Wine from Canada. Well done on the vocals and the mix overall.

11/25/09 12:28:51PM @jeff-nesbit:
Wonderful music and lyrics...Heavy,driving guitar and great vocals on top of a well attuned bass and drum package. This song is deserving of a place on everyones hard drive...Good Work! and looking foward to your next songs together......
Mike Prather
11/23/09 12:50:35PM @mike-prather:
Good driving rock style here . and a topical lyric .. should hit well right now ..


Jasmine Tea
11/23/09 10:11:39AM @jasmine-tea:
Fantastic! I'm a big fan of you both as individual artists, and what a powerful team you make together! I look forward to more from you! :)
11/22/09 03:23:05AM @mike-lynn:
Powerful & solid rock song. Very enjoyable and congratulations for winning the contest. Cheers / Mike
11/21/09 02:59:01PM @avalanche:
Howdy Farrell and Gary...

I reviewed this one over at SC after Steve Gilmore's review came out...but I couldn't get it to play here at that time. It's nice to come back to a second time. BIG guitar sound...and great vocal work....and the harmonies are great, too. Nice mix and production, too. Super stuff. Thanks...

Mike (NAV)

11/21/09 11:18:50AM @the-full-quid:
hey do you remember" Golden Ear ring " when the bullet hits the bone " ? you have captured a classic sound long gone from modern rock radio . great sound you got here . Stadium rock rock anthems yeah ! I "don't fear the reaper " I will be " riding the storm out " cheers
WeeZer Rascal
11/20/09 09:52:54PM @rascal:
This freakin song has me wanting to jump off something! Your guitars have a super crunch to them, I digg I alot!!! Looking forward to more of your new tune maan! Keep it up for real!!!


11/20/09 01:57:24PM @gone-2:
Well first of,love that bass :)
Very rich vocals.
I guess this would fall under the "Stadium rock" tag, least,that's kind of the mental image I get.
Huge stadiums,huge PA systems,and a song like this thundering out at head height.
It's dirtier than the mellow stadium rock.
It's pulling for heavy rock terratory.

So,yep,all in all,wall of sound,vocals are the star.

VERY nice work indeed guys :)


11/20/09 11:51:03AM @doc-killian:
Brother, Yer Flashin me back to the rock roots of the 70s...ITS ALL GOOD
11/20/09 11:50:31AM @martin-davies:
Thanks for your kind comment! Just listened to "Gypsy Princess"..Blown off my chair mate! Hell of a sound! You owe me a new chair too! Great stuff.

Mista Perez
11/20/09 10:06:48AM @mista-perez:
This combination is a classic sound that is missing from radio now and days. When melodies and hooks were memorable. Look fwwd to hearing more.
11/19/09 07:44:39AM @laser76489:
I am familiar with Gary's work for a couple of years now both at Mixposure as a guest and even before he discovered this site and turned me on to Mix. I was blown away by the idea that people so far apart geographically could collaborate on a song (perhaps this has to with my age)

Gary / Farrell this is an awesome tun. I like the hard driving guitar that I have come to expect from Gary and the clear vocals. I can hear each word, to me the song has to tell a story...this one does. I have also discovered that Farrell not only has this great tune out there but has lots equally great stuff out there too.

Good Job guys..more tune please!!!

11/18/09 09:57:30PM @camburn:
I am a real fan of rock music. I think this song really kicks ass. I like the guitar riffs and your vocals. Kind of reminiscent of a 90s Glen Danzig.
11/18/09 07:45:40AM @eddy:
Great kick-ass hard rock tune guys! Rock solid performance from each musician. Look forward to hearing more from you guys. Keep rocking.
11/18/09 02:14:41AM @jobar44:
Nice work Gary and Farrel, driving guitars, driving vocals and a good hard beat. Excellent leadbreak, it has s great feel. Good production. "Cheers" Joe.
Stega Sworn
11/17/09 08:02:14PM @stega-sworn:
I like the sound of this, and it has a good story behind the vocals. I agree with Code39 the mix sounds great! and the singing is really good.
-wish I could sing like that! Great work! I like it alot! Definatly rocks! Oh, to me, nothing seems over done. By over done i mean everything soudnsed good together, and the mood stayed a constent mood, and it fit the story very well. Its not just a song, its work of art. I like it alot.

11/17/09 06:48:04PM @code39:
Wow! Really nice driving Rock guys. Cool vocals and super musicianship from start to finish. Also the mix is top notch.

Rob @ Code39

11/17/09 01:05:34PM @joel-tuttle:
this is a good rocker folks
KB Bren
11/17/09 11:33:22AM @kb-bren:
KB Bren
Great sounding rocker guys! Good mix and great vocals. Crunchy!!!! Very sweet. Great collab guys in the Blue Oyster Cults vain. KB

11/16/09 02:30:14PM @implied-logic:
Oh, this is so cool. Pardon the comparison, but the vocals sound just like early Brian May right around the time that Smile became Queen, which I REALLY dig. Excellent solid foundation with the drums and bass. The guitar has a very strong presence without overpowering anything. The mix is perfect. It is amazing what can be done when talents are combined. Definitely keep doing it! ~Crystal
11/16/09 08:22:36AM @lkutsera:
Hi Guys, keep up the good work! I hope to hear more tunes from you guys. Gary keep rockin' dude...Les
11/12/09 02:43:16PM @skin-deep:
very nice vocal harmonies. cool groove. reminds me a little of Judas Priest. nice mix and Bass sound. Good tone on the guitar solo. Solid production!


11/10/09 05:06:58PM @blue-sahara:
Gary, Farrell - I finally, finally got around to listen to your fantastic collaboration. Superb sound, high quality guitar performances (you gotta love those rhythms) and a brilliant vocal delivery, Farrell. Love the lyrics, something so - well - intriguing. Absolutely love this tune. I am sorry I haven't tuned in any earlier guys ...
Bravo Gents!

10/18/09 02:33:44PM @wrightdude:
That is one rock solid rock of a rock song!
Dylan Thermos
10/14/09 06:25:42AM @dylan-thermos:
Can't stop my head head banging.Rocky horror has arrived.Guitars rule the roost especially on this track....very compelling listen..........dylan thermos.
10/12/09 11:24:50AM @gve:
Hi Gary! I had given this a few listens yesterday. Very gothy eighties/oyster cult kinda rocker nicely done! Enjoyed it very much!
Rob Grant
10/11/09 11:23:24AM @rayon-vert:
EYES and EARS OPEN WIDE!!!! Very Impressive ALL around......Pretty Darn Kickin' powerful song, lots of PUNCH!!!! Guitars, bass, and drums ALL packin' power and Farrell singin' up a storm!! +++++ EXCELLENT Job, Guys!!

Doctor C
10/10/09 11:51:34AM @doctor-c:
Wow! This song ROCKS!!! The guitars are majestic. Farrell's lead vox and harmonies are superb as usual. Reminds me of early Dio, and this is always good :-) Rock on, guys!
10/08/09 12:22:15AM @bigpete:
great production, excellent mix and performance, this kicks ass, Happy Halloween to both.
10/07/09 03:28:06PM @avalanche:
Wow this one is just plain mean. Rocking guitar sound...really nice vocals...and the drums are solid. I'm not used to hearing songs like this with harmonies on the vox...usually just a lot of angry screaming...so this is a nice change. Cool stuff.
10/07/09 02:32:00PM @matthew-j-hoffman:
This song has a "huge" sound. I like your chord progression, guitar tone, and drum performance. It's very remeniscent of an early 80s band named "Gone Jackals". The performed the music for the Lucas Arts videogame "Full Throttle". A true "biker band". If you're interested in suggestions, regarding the mix, I would try applying a slap-delay to the vocals to make them sound wetter and adjust the guitar EQ to give the drums more space. Excellent talent in this performance. I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for sharing! -M
10/07/09 11:24:43AM @saladin-de-tolosa:
Farrell Jackson
10/07/09 10:33:12AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Dazed and OmegaMon! Gary presented this rockin' tune to me with a request for vocals and after hearing it, I couldn't resist. I was going to do a Halloween 2009 song anyway so I thought this musical collab would be perfect for that and Gary agreed. Gary did a fine job on the guitars and also arranged for the real drums and bass tracks to be available. It's a Vampire Rocker!

Farrell Jackson

10/07/09 09:11:58AM @omegamon:
as Dazed noted here below...the guitars are rocking big time...this took me on a journey back to rock days, yet it sounds really fresh and it's the great vocals...tone, harmonies..keep it up...the sound of a loud intense guitar will always rule!
10/07/09 08:07:28AM @dazed:
Rocking tune guys. Distorted guitars are rocking!! great job on vocals. It is not easy to do vocals on a track like this and you pulled it off very well.

Excellent tune guys!

10/08/09 05:54:37AM @richard-john:
Powerful, raw, thrashy feel. Nicely played (soloing is great!), well produced and the vocals work well. You have great versatiliy Farrell. Fine collab!

11/19/09 11:38:50AM @joe-la-bianca:
Great sound. A mix of Sabbath and Uriah Heep. Love it!!! God bless!!
10/15/09 05:13:07AM @robert-smith:
Hey - this a great rock'n song! Excellent tune, excellent guitars and vocal.



11/15/09 05:22:39PM @genghisken:
Wow what a great sound! The harmonics are super, has a hard feel and isn't just some guys screaming into the mic!! This reminds me of some early KISS, the chord changes are bang on. great tension build and release, super guitar solo - again reminds me of early KISS on that. Drummer is a good team player too not trying to dominate the music or outplay the guitars. Super album art too (not that it has anything to do with the music sounding great but hey art sells art!) My daughter will love you guys!!

12/03/09 03:25:18PM @subtle-shot:
Ok, you asked for a review so here it goes:

I liked the music and the lyrics. It's a rocking song and the vampire twist is very cool. All in all it's a good song. The only thing though, is that i felt like the song should be sped up a little. I think this would help it to flow a lot better. You man want to work in some "stops" toward the end to give it a little more punch. Other than that good work guys.

Keep Rocking and thanks

12/03/09 08:24:36PM @hydrogen3:
Get down Dude! your sound here reminds me of combination of Van Halen/ Foreigner/Red Hot Chili Peppers giving it a nice twist. WAY COOL!Diggin this tune!!
12/03/09 12:03:16PM @blairntcentral:
Gypsy Princess is definately alright with me. This tune has some cool vocal interplay going on. The guitars are solid and carry the tune well. An overall great job! Thanks for the music.
12/03/09 01:23:07PM @potion13:
This song really rock!! Very solid!!Keep up the good work!!
Danielle, Potion13

12/02/09 12:20:49PM @ed-drury:
Very nice. Love the thick slices of power chord deliciousness. Nice nice job on the vocals. Very tight harmonic progression with exciting transistions. Props on an excellent rock and roll sound!


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