Carpe Diem

genre: Acoustic Rock
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Carpe Diem
08/04/10 07:26:28PM @michael-frazier:
The acoustic is quite low in the mix and disappears when the lead comes in. Nice electric lead work. Very fluid. Love the tone and sustain. Perfect. A little bit of Toto in this one for me. Nice work.
03/20/09 02:28:29PM @slowmarchingband:
Excellent James! Terrific guitar harmonies and the song production is huge sounding on my monitors! Powerful & energetic. I like the percussion used on this. Good hooks and melodic. The middle 8 section was a nice touch too. Uplifting. I like the mix as well.
03/01/09 10:59:32AM @blue-sahara:
James, this is great! Guitar work is excellent and the drums are deep and strong! Very good composition!
And, oh - I love the title :-)

Farrell Jackson
02/22/09 12:30:48PM @farrell-jackson:
This is a great sounding track with the acoustic and electrics working so well together. Your playing and production skills are both top notch! I enjoyed listening to Carpe Diem a lot!


02/18/09 08:58:09PM @piperon:
Beautiful track that swing like a joyful soul, this is definitely the trademark of JDK music. Like before, you bring enchanted music in a way delivering the sensational right into the soul. I love the way you anchor the guitar in such neat passion, love it till the last note. With million of love from Singapore. Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.
02/10/09 11:45:01PM @tcp:
Intelligent design and mature writing James. And your performances are definitely up to the task. Very enjoyable and well thought out in all respects, including the production....Blake
02/09/09 02:45:29AM @chris-moore:
Beautifully done this - the double melody really sings out. Some lovely changes and half-changes in the harmony too - specially the second to third chords towards in the sequence towards the end. If this is a keyboard, you've got the technique perfect, and I wanna know where you get that sound from!
Great relaxing track to wake me up this morning. Thanks James! Chris

02/13/09 09:05:35AM @mike-kohlgraf:
Sweet tune, James. This has a great feel to it and the chord progression is very appealing. Nice backdrop for an outstanding lead guitar performance. Tune in early tomorrow for SNR on Mix Radio ... you are on the air, my friend. Show starts at 6pm ET!!!
05/10/09 04:52:44PM @vesa:
Very fine guitar work. Like the percussion, well focused. You always have your cool original guitar sound that is distinctively you. Very melodic; fine tone on that guitar playing. Such fluid phrases; most inspiring. Love the backup here. Well thought through. btw -fine bass.
A most fine arranging and FAB production.
Really enjoy this one. Into my faves.
EXCELLENT my friend. -Vesa.

Rob Grant
02/13/09 12:15:00PM @rayon-vert:
I have no idea why I have never crossed your music before.......Man, this is GREAT!!!! Superb guitar playing......Great theme to this song.....I will be doing some definite downloading when I get home. MUCH APPRECITE the sharing of this wonderful music.

02/08/09 07:17:43AM @mike-lynn:
Love the guitars. Very nice & enjoyable track.
02/10/09 02:22:53PM @jelly:
Hi David, wonderful Track from You!
I love this Track!


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