Midnight Cruiser

genre: Game
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A tune composed in the computer game genre.
Midnight Cruiser
05/25/09 11:07:08AM @vesa:
I really like the backup you created for the guitar to float over...original techno sounds tantilize the mind, very nifty. Fine rhythm. The guitar playing is excellent. I like the way you leave space in between to let the synth and fine percussives and keys do their motion.
This has a colourful atmosphere. I likew your arrangement. Most pleasant esay going spacey composition. FANTASTIC tune. Love it.Neat mix of guitar & techno artistry.
-Your friend. -Vesa.

02/18/09 09:00:38PM @piperon:
Now, this is another masterpiece from the knight of tomorrow, swing like a Jazzy wing flying across the skyline. The trumpet are just too neat to be ignored, a chilling track that goes a long way. Sensation is the middle name. With million of love from Singapore. Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.
02/11/09 04:44:43PM @corrado-rossi:
Cool song, excellent production and global performance, mate. The guitar works ao nicely and the mood is very comfortable. Great work(loved the arpeggio effect!).
Corrado :)

02/10/09 07:59:19PM @tlt50:
David....Jazz+Funk YUP !! ! always enjoy this kinda' of groove. Creativity, production amd musicianship..... Splendid track !! Great listen...:-) All the best,


02/09/09 02:58:16AM @chris-moore:
Wanted another dose.. Nice rhythm to this, and the music thoughtfully brought together - it's a simple enough piece when you sit back and think about it, but it's made to work perfectly. There's real quality in your music, you know that? Excellent production and true musicianship brought together with imagination. Great to hear you again James. Hope to hear lots more! Chris
02/08/09 01:28:49PM @dazed:
This is really well done. Your mix sounds very clear and the arrangement is superb. Great job!
02/08/09 10:13:49AM @jay:
super quality and transition
02/13/09 09:10:19AM @mike-kohlgraf:
Excellent vibe here James... this too will be on my show tomorrow night! Oh yeah, some very funky music, rhythmic, yet laid back with some awesome lead guitar work! This too will be on my show tomorrow night at 6pm ET!
06/09/09 04:08:15PM @brian-mattson:
Your guitar just soars over the epic backdrop. Great arrangement! Love it!


02/08/09 06:52:17AM @durod:
Extraordinary quality and smoooooth, easy listening at it's best!!
Rob Grant
02/13/09 12:23:07PM @rayon-vert:
Again, you are really excellent with your Themes......VERY CATCHY!!! Really liked this.......nice drive, just the right punch from the electronic horns......on a great THEME Melody!!!

Juri R
02/14/09 01:01:09AM @grand-jury:
Wow,that's a drivey piece.George Duke comes to my mind by assossiation.Harmony and guitar sound are,again,pretty ethereal...which is great!!Sound palette is very diverse and inspirin',I'd say.Likey!!!


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