Rock These Blues With Carol Sue Kirkpatrick And JDB

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Rock These Blues  With Carol Sue Kirkpatrick And Jimmy Dean Brooks
Rock These Blues  With Carol Sue Kirkpatrick And JDB
carol sue
02/14/21 09:15:13AM @carol-sue:
Thank you for mentioning that @gary-dabrowski!
You sing the blues nicely, too! :) Another congrats to you on AOTM!

02/08/21 04:37:42PM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Thanks Gary, Carol Sue And I Really Appreciate It > @gary-dabrowski:
Gary Dabrowski
02/08/21 04:01:06PM @gary-dabrowski:
you're singing the blues nice Carol Sue...and you're singing the blues nice too Jimmy (on the guitar)...
carol sue
02/06/21 04:43:43PM @carol-sue:
You're all smile makers~ thank you! :)@tony-cee @bad-love-junkie @vesa

02/05/21 08:05:29PM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Versa, Thanks For All Your Kind Words And Support, Carol Sue And I Really Appreciate It And Are So Glad You Liked It. We Had Fun With This One !!
02/05/21 08:02:53PM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Many Thanks From Carol Sue And I To bad-love-junkie, Chicago Rules When It Comes To The Blues !!
02/05/21 04:05:35PM @vesa:
This is down right true to the word blues/rock at its best. I was immediately altered, as soon as the guitar wailed away, to kick this song in motion. Carol; love your fab raw burning vocals...then, you and the guitar fuse together, well arranged,....then he let's that solo rip. Great solid drumming and bass got my heals kickin' my wood floor, in sync. That organ adds a very cool touch. A musical mind altering very fine, fine mix. Love it. Worth many listens. ;)
02/05/21 03:42:56PM @bad-love-junkie:
Being as I'm so close to Chicago you just know me Loves me some Blues~
Carol-Sue your vocals on this are fantastic! I think this genera is perfect for you sultry vocal style.

02/04/21 04:00:19PM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Many Thanks Tony-cee, Carol And I Really Appreciate All Your Kind Words. We Had Fun With This One !!
tony cee
02/04/21 03:25:03PM @tony-cee:
this is where your voice should be carol sue , superb , love the whole sound , great guitar work , makes me want to get the guitar out , superb everybody involved blues -blues- blues -........cheers tony cee
carol sue
02/04/21 11:43:24AM @carol-sue:
Thanks for visiting, and the kind words are truly appreciated!
@paul-rainbird @hooker-green :) ::waves:: @jimmydeanbrooks

02/03/21 03:28:58PM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Many Thanks To Paul-rainbow And HG, Carol And I Really Appreciate All The Kind Words !!
02/03/21 12:07:10PM @hooker-green:
Really love that guitar sound and playing. Slow blues hmm love it. What an expressive voice. Congrats for that excellent collaboration. Really great.

Paul rainbird
02/03/21 11:34:29AM @paul-rainbird:
Beautiful love it 👌👍
02/03/21 10:24:16AM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Carol Sue It Was My Pleasure Being Able To Work With You On Our Rock These Blues.
carol sue
02/03/21 10:12:33AM @carol-sue:
@jimmydeanbrooks Jimmy, you rock these blues mighty fine!
Thanks for inviting me into your wonderful world of music.
It's an honor to finally collaborate in song with you!

@queen-regina ~ thank you so very much! :) Blessings!!

02/02/21 01:36:16PM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Hey Queen-Regina,. Thanks For The Kind Words, We Both Really Appreciate It !!
Queen Regina
02/02/21 01:22:34PM @queen-regina:
Sweet. Great blues. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Kudos, again. Carol Sue, rock it girlfriend. Absolutely love the blues guitars behind you. Thats just darn sweet. Smiles.
02/02/21 11:48:23AM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Many Thanks To Carol Sue For Joining Me On This One, We Had Fun Doing This One Together !!


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