Josephrodz - Whisper in your ear

album: Woman
genre: Classic Rock
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Josephrodz - Whisper in your ear
carol sue
02/22/21 06:38:17AM @carol-sue:
Just wanted to hear something familiar..
Really enjoy this one. You play so handsomely with the greatest of style.
::whispers:: always a fan I am, I am! ::bravo::encore::

carol sue
05/02/18 08:01:16AM @carol-sue:
Whisper in your ear..
You, my friend.. are a true talent. ::encore::

carol sue
02/28/18 07:11:24AM @carol-sue:
Whisper in your ear~ love this!
One of my favorite Cd's from you.

Farrell Jackson
02/27/18 10:24:31AM @farrell-jackson:
Fantastic and dynamic playing Joseph! The feelings come through loud and clear. The change with the organ really pumps up the song and then back to smooth a glass...nicely done!


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