Josephrodz feat. Carol Sue - Angel

album: collab
genre: collab
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ANGEL Can we save ourselves from this evil in this world. Can we love the one's who make us cry.Do we try so hard to understand things. That the clouds only...
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This song I dreamed for my good friend Carol Sue and I thinks it fits perfectly for her voice, "don't you agreed" Thanks again Carol Sue for your talent and...
Josephrodz feat. Carol Sue - Angel
carol sue
06/06/20 10:58:08AM @carol-sue:
Bless you @piyali, thank you!
You bring out my better half @josephrodz lol
Thank you again! ❤️

05/27/20 10:21:54AM @josephrodz:
Much thanks for those comments that a half is for @carol-sue.
05/26/20 08:11:10PM @piyali:
Great collaboration dear Carol and Joseph. Love the music! Enjoyed my listen! <3
carol sue
05/26/20 07:25:58PM @carol-sue:
Thank you so much for listening!
Special thanks to Joseph for creating some cool music for me to
play with. You're all so special, bless you!

05/26/20 06:27:52PM @ronbowes:
Super track by the pair of you! Top shelf with typical CS sultry vox and great axe work from the master.
05/26/20 11:57:06AM @david-c-deal:
Fine, original music. Joseph you just keep expanding your areas of excellence you were right, Carol is perfect for this song.
05/26/20 11:52:34AM @lorne-reid:
Nicely done!! Great groove and feel to the music and floating vocals lines to compliment!!! Cheers!


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