Josephrodz, Amy Caldwell, Jose Ruiz - Adore You

album: collab
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 46

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Joserodz - Music / Production Amy Caldwell - Vocals / Lyrics Jose Ruiz - Drums Recorded at BPM Studio all rights reserved ©2020 JoRo...
Josephrodz, Amy Caldwell, Jose Ruiz - Adore You
09/18/20 10:22:09AM @jimsae:
This is so good! Great to hear such talented people making wonderful music! I hope there will be more from all of you.
09/15/20 07:48:59PM @josephrodz:
Thanks for all the comments @ronbowes, @knightman5000, @amy-caldwell,
@farrell-jackson, @carol-sue

09/15/20 05:08:39AM @ronbowes:
FabClab! Cool song and great sound. Congratz to all concerned. ;-)
09/14/20 10:57:56PM @knightman5000:
wow !!! very well written song,Great job guys
09/14/20 10:36:36AM @amy-caldwell:
This song was lots of fun to write the lyrics for. Thanks for asking me to be a part of it! I had a great time!
Farrell Jackson
09/14/20 09:59:53AM @farrell-jackson:
Great work from a great group of people! This has a classic rock sound but with a fresh twist. Fine vocals by Amy. Guitars and drumming are tops Joseph and Jose.
carol sue
09/14/20 09:18:40AM @carol-sue:
Lyrics to easily relate to.. beautifully written and sung by Amy!
Such a catchy tune, I just love this! Excellent musicianship from Jose + Joseph.
I hope to hear more from this new talented team. Bravo & encore! *****
Thanks for the download.. I'm adding to that big collection of hits! :)


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