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Keith Goguen

Oh No

genre: Rock
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Oh No
03/08/08 10:22:44PM @metal-terrorist:
Great track indeed. I liked Type 2 and Lies too but this one is more to my liking. The drums were a bit dull to me ( not the sound, just the beats ) but I'm used to some absurd stuff. The vox could stand to cut through more but the arrangement, tone, etc are all top notch.
09/27/06 09:54:42PM @art-caveretta:
hi kieth,great tune man,a lot of feel.great guitar tone!
09/17/06 06:36:18PM @michael-nunley:
Rockin' man. Very solid track - like the melody chord change for Oh no" very good hook.
09/16/06 10:34:06AM @dazed:
Man this is a great track!!

Guitar tracks are just excellent Keith. Awesome melody on here. Vox could use some reverb and a little eq I think.

Very cool song!!


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