Kevin White
Kevin White
Kevin White

Brown Haired Ordinary Looking Girl

album: Every Now and When
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 8

  Song Lyrics
It was the hot dog days of summerHer hair was  blowing in the breezeI met her and I wonderedHow she turned me incomplete She’s something real...
  Song Information
I joined a new band ... and though it remains my music we're doing, we brought in another singer to sing it.
Brown Haired Ordinary Looking Girl
09/27/20 11:06:51AM @kevin-white:
Thanks Carol Sue!
carol sue
09/27/20 10:30:35AM @carol-sue:
What's not to love about this!!
Killer good stuff. ***** ~bravo!

Hope the Dj's here catch this for their mixstream radio shows.
@ronbowes @josephrodz @william-thompson / @the-truevulgarians @jimsae


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